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    Item Number: DV11BL-142
    Dimensions: Width: 600 – 900mm;
    Height: 1,450 – 2,100mm
    Customize space: 2350*1100*40mm
    Warranty: 5 years limited warranty
    Features: painted door is finished under 3 layer base coating and 2 layer finish coating.
    Name: Interior Doors with Frosted Glass with MDF Panel Material Doors
    Why choose Goldea?
    GOLDEA is established in 1986, it is a professional exporter and manufacturer froDR08R-806m China.
    GOLDEA is dedicated to provide one stop solution to every family, with various products including interior door, bathroom vanity, wardrobe as well as flooring.
    GOLDEA exports to more than 70 countries, professional in exporting
    1.Goldea apply thick PVC film (18s) and Japan imported PP film, which is environment-friendly and human-friendly, and also quality film lead to a long lifespan of your door.
    2.Various infilling options: Different infilling such as MDF strips, wood sticks, honeycomb paper as well as tube particleboard to meet different requirement and price level.
    3.Goldea apply 1125px finger-joint skeleton, with wood moisture content of 10%-12%, which is twice stronger than natural timber. Such kind of quality control ensure you a quality door.
    4.Four sides thick edge-banding: Goldea apply thick four sides PVC edge banding (80s), which will prevent the damage during transportation, and also it is super waterproof.
    Good Performance: It is waterproof, scratch-resistant, mildew proof, insect-resistant.
    Various Glass options: Various options of glass, satisfy different customer’s demands.
    Projects case
    Factory information
    1. Goldea apply German Homag cutting machine, with automatic loading and unloading system, reach size accuracy 10s, achieve the goal of one worker for whole work line.
    2. 9 Taiwan engraving machines with diamond drill bit, which can ensure smooth line.
    3. Dust free glue spray room with spinning shelf can make sure even spread glue on panel surface, which also provide worker a good working environment.
    4. Lamination machine provide a good adhesion environment for PVC film, 60 seconds lamination time guarantee quality PVC filmed board.
    5. 26 cold press machine will toughen the door and also ensure a shining surface.
    6. Sawing machine achieve simultaneous cutting of two edge, which will not deform the door.
    7. Goldea apply transportation line from the start to the end, which protect the door surface, and we are also the only user in China.
    8. Japan hole drilling machine guarantee accurate hole position, depth and size.
    1. How can you guarantee your sales’ quality?
    To control quality, we have four testing procedures: initial inspection, re-inspection, final inspection and sampling inspection.
    2. What’s the thickness of door leaf for painting door?
    46mm, it is thicker than other suppliers.
    3. Do you make the lacquer-free wooden doors?
    Yes, we make the lacquer-free wooden doors, Goldea is the first one factory to make the lacquer-free wooden doors in China. In 1998, we have already been the leader of the lacquering-free door manufacturer.China Painting Interior Doors suppliers