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    Item: Pig Feed Additive
    Application of Pig Feed Additive:
    Pig Feed Additive is widely used in animal farms in local China and abroad. The animal farms and scientists praise it highly as “the most promising feed additive in animal breeding industry
    Description of Pig Feed Additive:
    Pig Feed Additive, namely dry yeast for animal feed yeast power is a new type of animal feed additive in field of biological engineering technology. It’ s food grade, pure natural, healthy and nutritious.
    Main Technical Parameters of Pig Feed Additive:
    ProteinActive cellsVitamin B1—B11Nucleic acid
    ≥42%≥15 billion/g6000 μg /g≥5%

    ErgosterolGlutathioneAmino acidsMoisture
    Functions of Pig Feed Additive:
    1. Save feed and decrease the feeding cost: Active Feed Dry Yeast in feed reproduces yeast fungus rapidly. The enzyme in yeast fungus helps animal digestion and alimentation. Feed’s utilization ratio is improved.
    2. Improve animal immunity: The biology immunisin compositions in Active Feed Dry Yeast, such as yeast nucleic acid, polysaccharide and chitosan are very important in reducing animal diseases, improving immunity and survival ratio.
    3. Improve lean meat percentage, poultry laying rate and cows’ milk yield: Active Feed Dry Yeast contains abundant of bio-protein, Vitamin B, cellulose, amino acid, amino acid, chitosan, polysaccharide, glucan, glutathione, etc. These kinds of nutrition in yeast is well known by people as very important compositions in improving lean meat percentage, poultry laying rate.
    How to Use Pig Feed Additive:
    A. Add Pig Feed Additive in scientific dosage and some water into feed, mix it up , ferment for 1~2 hours under 30-38℃, feed animals the fermented feed. Please don’t ferment for a long time, in case the foreign bacteria pollute the feed and lower the feeding efficiency.
    B. Mix the feed and Pig Feed Additive according to one time usage. Extra fermented feed should be kept in storage no longer than three days.
    Dosage for Pig Feeding:
    For Pig
    Inner packing: Each unit is packed with a printed vacuum sachet. Xinghe brands, Neutral Package, or Customized package.
    Outer packing: Seaworthy master carton.
    Export Shipment:
    Shipped in 1×20’ft or 40’ft container by sea.
    1×20’ft container, one item.
    Production Lead Time:
    40~50 days for 1×20’gp container with the receipt of the down payment or original L/C
    What We Can Do for You:
    1. We have our brands some of which are famous in both domestic market and international market, such as A-One, Prosper, and Baker Choice. Welcome to inquire our existing brands.
    2. If you want to create your own brand, we can provide the service of OEM. Help you design your unique brand, and provide long term support on price and after sales service.
    Why Chose Xinghe Yeast:
    1. We have been specialized in the yeast industry for 20 years. Production technology is the best here in China.
    2. Professional QC team to keep the quality.
    3. Professional export team that provide you the best service.
    About Us:
    Dalian Xinghe is a China leading manufacturer of yeast products. The corporate headquarters locates in Dalian city. Our main products are low sugar instant dry yeast, high sugar instant dry yeast, feed yeast, etc. With good quality, reasonable price, and perfect service, our products are currently exported to 100 countries and areas in the world.
    Write to us for your further inquiry: (North America, South America, Africa, Oceania) (Asia, Europe, Mid-east)
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