Tumbling metals to work harden?

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    Holo Sapiens

    I’ve just started working with metal and make do with some basic tools. I do however worry about that all my pieces are basically annealed from the final soldering. Do i need a tumbler to work harden? I’m not really into super shiny pieces but i understand you can get some cool satin finishes as well with for example cheramics but I’d mainly use it to harden. To sum it up: Do i need one to harden the metals?


    Personally, I would use a tumbler. Not totally necessary but very useful. Also has the advantage of polishing your pieces.


    I use a tumbler as well – Especially good for hardening and polishing chain which can be incredibly dangerous to polish on a wheel.

    If you don’t want a high polish, but still want to harden your piece – tumble it, then finish it with a satin finish lap, or rotary tool. You can get some amazing finishes after the fact.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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